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Humanitarian Fund Ukraine

Freedom for Ukraine Tour Donations
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A few words from Sri. Manjunatha Education and Development Society

Sri. Manjunatha Education and Development Society’s ‘Freedom for Ukraine’ tour commencing this coming weekend in India will support those affected by the war in Ukraine. The fundraiser's proceeds will be directly transferred to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.

What is the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund?

The Humanitarian Fund Ukraine has partnered with the United Nations to urgently deliver humanitarian support to people in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries.

The program includes multipurpose cash assistance for the most vulnerable people, food assistance, water and sanitation, support for health care and education services, and shelter assistance to rebuild damaged homes.

How does this fundraiser work?

Your donation will be transferred to UHF (after subtracting the 0% platform fee and 2.5% bank service costs of WPDS payment). Also, all profits will be donated to this fundraiser.

How can you help?

- Join one of Sri. Manjunatha Education and Development Society’s events

- Donate directly on this page; all help is needed

- Please share with your friends and family

- Volunteering

Volunteering is a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labor for community service.

Top donations

  • David Wolansky  $12,635
  • Pier Dinan  $10,000
  • Hicham Mesnaoui $9,000 
  • Anonymous $3,500

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